Top 4 Ways to Stay in Business Long Enough to Succeed


As founder of Bill Baren Coaching, Bill has become known worldwide as a transformational business coach. Over 20,000 people  from 32 countries have participated in Bill’s online and live trainings. Below is an excerpt from one of his blog posts that I really found encouraging.   It took me more than 4 years and running […]

Podcast Ep. 35 – From Delivering Bread to Life Coach and Consultant with Kimanzi Constable


For twelve years Kimanzi Constable lived a life that could be best described as “existing.” He wanted more from his life but listened to his doubts, fears and the negative voices of other people. Barnes and Nobles, he started a service business at nineteen that grew to multiple six figures and had five employees in three states. Here’s the thing though, he didn’t know anything […]

Why Do People Hate their Jobs? The Truth Revealed Here.


    Ken is President and CEO of CRG Consulting Resource Group International, Inc., founded in 1979. Many professionals herald CRG as the Number One global resource center for personal and professional development. Did you know . . . 80% of people dislike their job—from feeling slight irritation to absolute loathing—and of those, over 33% […]

Podcast Ep. 34 – Get 2 It Coach Greg Payne


After graduating from Portland State University with a degree in History and a focus in Sociology, Greg Payne, pursued his passion for business by earning an MBA from East Carolina University. It was during the time after graduating while working for a Fortune 500 company that others really began to recognize Greg’s unique ability for […]

Podcast Ep. 33 – The First Thing You Need to Know before Starting a Business with Omar and Nicole from The 100 MBA


Nicole Baldinu Nicole is the sensible one with all the taste. She knows when it’s right and when it isn’t. She’s responsible for all the brilliant looking videos in The $100 MBA and Business Republic. A New York Film Academy graduate that is interested in shooting videos that make a difference. She makes everyone smile […]